We have a little something for everyone to deepen your practice, raise your vibration, or steep yourself in the other spiritual aspects of yoga. Check back often as events are always being added.



Air Element Workshop
The holidays often bring up issues of the heart so please come learn how to balance these energies. The world needs open hearts!
Though air represents only a small percentage of your body?s elemental composition, it is the most dynamic element in terms of the transaction that happens on a minute-to-minute basis. 

An imbalance or deficiency in the air element can lead to heart issues, breast issues, lung issues, shoulder issues, and more. 

Please join Gretchen Robinson for this third in a series of workshops on the elements and learn how to balance the air element with yoga postures, breathing techniques, forgiveness work, herbs and more. Attending the first two workshops is not a prerequisite. 

Sunday, Dec. 10th 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Cost: $35

Guided Meditation W/Elaina

Come allow Elaina to guide you into the deepest space inside of you, bringing peace, calmness, and restfulness to you.

This is great for new and experienced meditators! Chairs provided.


Cookie Exchange
Monday, Dec. 18th following the 9:15am class
Please bring a dozen cookies to exchange

108 Sun Salutations - Wed. December 20th at 6:15pm

Surya Namaskar: Making the body a stepping-stone

Surya Namaskar means to bow down to the sun. The sun is the life source for this planet. In everything that you eat, drink and breathe, there is an element of the sun. Only if you learn how to better digest the sun, internalize it, and make it a part of your system, do you truly benefit from this process. 

The physical body is a fantastic stepping-stone for higher possibilities, but for most people it functions like a road block. The compulsions of the body do not allow them to go forward. Being in sync with the solar cycle is an important part of balance and receptivity, a means of taking the body to the point where it is no longer a hurdle. The 108 sun salutations help bring you in sync with the most powerful source of energy, the sun.

Why 108? Because there are 108 chakras within the physical body.

This practice takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Please come well hydrated.
Drop-ins: $20


Annual Christmas Eve Class w/Gifts for All!

Please join us on Sunday, December 24th, Christmas Eve Day, for this annual, fun yoga class with gifts for all who attend!
Meditation at 8:45am (optional)

Closed Christmas Day

Aum Chant
In yoga we say the whole existence is a complex amalgamation of sound. Everything is sound. When we put the right key in a hole, and turn it, it opens a whole new world, Similarly receiving a mantra properly, and integrating it within yourself is the key to opening a whole new world. 

Patanjali speaks of God as the actual Cosmic Sound of AUM (OM).

The Sanskrit language is code for the patterns of nature, sonic representations of the way nature works. Mantras hold within them the latent forms of the universe. From supreme stillness and subtle ultrasonic vibrations, these latent forms cascade into being as audible sound, which then has the capacity to in-form, or shape reality, as has been demonstrated by cymatics. By practicing mantra, we can drive our awareness deeper into the bones, muscles and tissues of the body to gain a greater sensitivity and understanding of our makeup. By aiming with intention the practice of mantra into progressively deeper layers of our-self, we can bring more of our self online, as it were, and therefore more on board the journey of union and wholeness. 

We will begin with a short discussion on Aum, chant for about 45 minutes, and then end with a relaxation and meditation.

Please join us for this powerful evening. No experience necessary!

Thursday, December 28th
6:15pm - 7:45pm 

Donation Class to benefit the Inner City Yoga Project


Annual New Year's Day Yoga Class w/Burning Bowl Ceremony

As we celebrate the New Year, we symbolically let go of what didn't serve us in the past year by writing it down on paper and burning it. 

We start our class with this simple ritual and draw angel cards to see what it is you are wanting/needing for the upcoming year. We set that intention for our practice.

We'll finish with a guided meditation followed by our annual black-eyed peas and cornbread for good luck!

Join us for this popular class and release the old for the New Year!

December 31
10:00am - 11:30am
Drop-ins $20