We have a little something for everyone to deepen your practice, raise your vibration, or steep yourself in the other spiritual aspects of yoga. Check back often as events are always being added.





You are invited to a very special performance and reception featuring one of our favorites! Matt Venuti is a video and recording artist, a band leader, touring singer-songwriter and renowned player of the Hang, Gubal and other instruments that are created by the Swiss company Panart. His songs explore the gamut of "the rhythm of life" which is also the title of his latest album that charted in the top 10 on international radio charts and was nominated as one of the top vocal albums of the year by One World Music in the UK. A regular performer at TED and TEDx events, Matt is based in NY and San Francisco but tours frequently and Kansas City is one of his favorite tour stops. 
Check out Matt's videos at: www.mattvenuti.com/videos

This is NOT a yoga event and please note: the Thursday evening class will be cancelled for this special event.  

Please bring your partners, spouses, and friends. We would love to see former student's drop in for this event to say "hi" and for those of you who have been wanting to meet my son, Hunter, he will be there, all grown up!

Please RSVP, just so we can get an idea for food, wine, and seating, by replying to this email or going to the Facebook event and mark "going."
Please join us on Thursday evening, October 19th
6:30pm - 7:00pm: light fare and beverages
7:00pm: Concert
$20 per person $35 per couple, includes fare and bevs
This performance is best suited for adults (young and older). We appreciate your cooperation.


"Once the stillness comes into your life, then the mind also becomes absolutely still. 
When your mind becomes still, your intelligence explodes."

Join Elaina Cochran as she guides you effortlessly into a beautiful state of stillness. This guided meditation is great for beginners as well as experienced meditators.

Sunday, October 22nd, 5:00pm 

Invite others to join in and bring them with you! Chair seating available.

This is a beautiful way to set the energy for your upcoming week.


The Fire Element Workshop w/Gretchen

Please join Gretchen as she continues with the series of workshops on the elements, working our way through the chakras, learning how to balance the deficiencies of these elements which determine our health.
The body is created of the five elements, earth, air, water, fire, and ether and each chakra is related to one of the elements. The fire element is related to the solar plexus, or manipura. This chakra is related to digestive issues, kidney issues, elimination issues and more, as well as issues with control and self worth.
While the fire element accounts for the smallest proportion within the composition of the human body, it's influence is tremendous and determines your "aliveness".
We will be exploring postures to balance this element, what happens when we are out of alignment, what to eat and drink, and much more. 
Sunday, November 5th
1:00pm - 3:00pm
These workshops are FULL of information so bring notepaper if you would like to take notes.