My Love Letter

This is not to say goodbye as the studio doors close and we move to online-only, it is to express my love and gratitude. I'm not sad at all about the physical space closing as it is making way for a more expanded vision later. I do admit as I am going through things, packing up, and deciding what to keep, I get overwhelmed with memories and the tears come. Not in a sad way, in a beautiful way. It's like when you are excited to move to a new house but there is sadness leaving the old one because of the memories.

Since I opened the studio in 2007, thousands of people have walked through the doors, whether it was to come to a class, workshop, concert, kirtan, metaphysical fair, or one of the other many events that were held at the studio. Believe me when I say, each of your faces is etched in my mind, even if you only stepped over the threshold of the doorway one time. The transformations, healings, and miracles I have seen take place are more than I ever could have imagined.

There are many times when I get moved to tears out of love and respect for all the teachers that have come before me, and for those that will come after me. I am so grateful to everyone who taught at the studio through the years, especially Jennifer Shelton who has been with me from the beginning. Each of you carries a special place in my heart.

To Mark Blanchard, thank you for allowing me to have your name on my door and always supporting me. The love you have for yoga inspired me and you taught me to never put limitations on people and to know that anything is truly possible. Through my practices with you, I found my own voice.

Genevieve Crosslin, my first true yoga teacher. You are my heart and soul, for lifetimes. Thank you for making me teach, (yes she had to make me). You have always been there for me. You patiently talked me "off the ledge" when I thought I was losing my mind. You made sense of all my experiences and taught me about the world beyond this physical plane. We can still talk for hours and it's never enough. I miss you every day. I love you.

To my students. It has been the greatest honor and privilege to stand before you and share my experience of yoga with you. Your devotion to the practice is inspiring. Your willingness to open yourselves to more, to feel your emotions, to confront your lessons, leaves me in awe. The love you have for each other and the support you give each other is so beautiful. You truly live your yoga off of your mats. Never underestimate how much you do for the entire universe with the energy you move. You all are my teachers and I have learned so much from each of you. I am grateful you have trusted me to support your journey.

So much love and gratitude to my mom who has done so much to support me in order for me to be able to have the studio. You have always been there for me and taught me how to give to others as you have done for everyone else. I love you.

Lastly, to my son, who has sacrificed so much and had to share his mom with all of you, especially when he didn't want to. You are the best son a mom could ask for and I love you beyond infinity.

This is not goodbye, simply embracing change and listening to my guidance. I am excited about the future for all of us and I thank you for going with the flow and being open and flexible (yoga!) as we move into this next stage.

With all my love,

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Much love, light, and gratitude,

At Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga, the focus is strength-within and without. No levels, no props, no music, no egos.


Don’t let the term “Power Yoga” intimidate you. It's really about finding the power within you. Nobody cares what anyone is able to do, or not do. Everyone practices at their own place and everyone started yoga the same way. You'll get a lot of encouragement from the other practitioners!


We teach a well-balanced, strong flow-vinyasa style yoga. You move in and out of the postures using your breath as a guide. The series are linked with a flowing movement of postures called a vinyasa, using the breath. A solid power yoga program should help you feel more powerful, confident and balanced yet also simultaneously feel compassionate, fluid and open. Whether you do every pose or not is not important-the breathwork, the intention and the journey within your movements-that's what yoga is all about.


We do not believe in levels in yoga as they create egos and limitations and it's not about what you can do. We do not use props as we believe these stop you from "unblocking" yourself, staying true to the yoga of thousands of year's ago. We show you how to practice in a way that works with your unique body, allowing you to become strong, flexible, healthy in mind, body, and spirit. "Simply work at your own level, do the best you can personally do, and welcome the joy from within."




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