"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination."


One of the Universal Laws is the only constant is change and that is being presented to me again. As you know, we have a HUGE space that we have been fortunate enough to use for the last two years. The landlord has a new tenant that needs a ton of space, and can get what they deserve to get for that space. They are kicking us out again and I completely understand from a business perspective, especially in these times. They were very nice about it and offered to help re-locate us. It would involve me putting more money into the studio and now is just not the time to do that as most of you are doing our online classes and we are in such unpredictable times.

On October 1st, we will go back to live Zoom classes and recordings only. We will maintain the regular schedule with the same teachers. As you know, we have the most amazing teachers! Teaching via Zoom is very easy for us because of the depth of knowledge everyone has and the ability to instruct. We did this for two months during the lockdown and people said they felt as if they were in the studio practicing. You see your friends on Zoom and we see you! It feels like a cross between a private session and being in the studio. We will continue to send out daily recordings as well.

I do have some possibilities of having a once a week, in-person class. Stay tuned for more details. We will be going to only monthly unlimited. I will be lowering the price and will let you know before October what that will be. I have to make sure I can pay the teachers!

The Universe always works for our highest good and I think the timing of this is perfect. I have always wanted to do more of a wellness center/yoga studio. My intention is to re-open in a more expanded way after we get through this interesting time that we are currently experiencing. I have no idea when that will be. This country still has a lot to get through and not just with Covid! It has been more than 6 months since all of this began and time has flown. I think it will feel like a blink of an eye before we are back in a physical space.

If you are currently doing the monthly unlimited, it is time to renew! I will give you a couple more days to get that taken care of. Please send your payments via Venmo (preferable) to Gretchen-Robinson-4 or PayPal to info@markskcyoga.net. The month of September is still $125.

We are so, so grateful to all of you currently doing the monthly unlimited. It has allowed us to keep the doors open and to be able to move into this next phase. This is not goodbye, simply a shift, walking my talk, and walking in faith.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Much love, light, and gratitude,

At Mark Blanchard's Power Yoga, the focus is strength-within and without. No levels, no props, no music, no egos.


Don’t let the term “Power Yoga” intimidate you. It's really about finding the power within you. Nobody cares what anyone is able to do, or not do. Everyone practices at their own place and everyone started yoga the same way. You'll get a lot of encouragement from the other practitioners!


We teach a well-balanced, strong flow-vinyasa style yoga. You move in and out of the postures using your breath as a guide. The series are linked with a flowing movement of postures called a vinyasa, using the breath. A solid power yoga program should help you feel more powerful, confident and balanced yet also simultaneously feel compassionate, fluid and open. Whether you do every pose or not is not important-the breathwork, the intention and the journey within your movements-that's what yoga is all about.


We do not believe in levels in yoga as they create egos and limitations and it's not about what you can do. We do not use props as we believe these stop you from "unblocking" yourself, staying true to the yoga of thousands of year's ago. We show you how to practice in a way that works with your unique body, allowing you to become strong, flexible, healthy in mind, body, and spirit. "Simply work at your own level, do the best you can personally do, and welcome the joy from within."




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